Carapace Hearts Boxcars.
Member of the midnight Crew. Overpowered Brute ready to beat your face in. Only loyal to his crew.



Okay so last year at Fanexpo I was in subway with some of my friends and because I was grumpy and overwarm and underfed and all manner of bullcrud that makes me insufferable; my friends decided to get me drawing stupid crap to combat my crabbiness. 

I present to you: hrmsturk.

HB: Awkwardly greet…. Your(other)self?


> You cross your arms shifting your weight on your feet slightly. You shut your eyes for a moment tilting you head in brief thought, before looking back at him. Well someone’s going to ask it at some point so you might as well get it out of the way.




> It’s a bit of a loaded question since well time shit obviously. Anything’s game in the world of time.

Yeah I don’t really know where my crew is.  You?

-He shrugs it off, this is  pretty much the norm, people tend to not know what to do but ask about the crew, since they were essentially his life for the longest time.  He isn’t sure exactly where to take this but he settles for pulling a weary smile.-

HB: Awkwardly greet…. Your(other)self?


> You stood there a bit stiff. You are trying to ignore the headache; it’s one thing to deal with other versions and/or iterations of your friends or enemies or whatever…..

>And you have dealt with a lot of things over the years. However the only thing you will never get used to is running…. Into someone that is well… sort of you.

> You awkwardly nod at him.



-Yeah this is pretty damn awkward for the both of of these guys. There’s slight differences, little mannerisms that you have no idea how to really clue into quickly anyway. But fuck. Whatever. Boxcars rubs the back of his neck with a slight clack and scraping sound.-




Nightmare Before Christmas: How they died

To explain this, we just put this on a while ago and I couldn’t help but realize that everyone in Halloween Town is either dead, or something that never was alive (save probably the werewolf, witchs, and lake monster.) So I got to thinking, “How did they die?” And I realized there are small little hints in everything.

Click below to read my logic in their deaths.

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Zero probably gnawed on some wires which electrocuted him and started the fire that killed Jack in his sleep

Dear Tumblr,


Why do you say someone reblogged/liked ‘my’ photoset/post when I never made it? IDK, it seems you’re giving me way too much credit for holding down ‘alt’ and clicking something just because I thought it was cool.